[VISUAL-ASMR] 아이린 IRENE|Red Velvet in Switzerland

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Huang Xuan
Huang Xuan - 7 天 前
Omg how can she be so beautiful and so cute at the same time
1920 P6G2 04 CHUI YI HEI
Prettiest kpop member?
Ya, definitely
Jin Raigami
Jin Raigami - 22 天 前
97 unlikes are from the jealous GF that their BFs are big fans of Irene.
moon byulie
moon byulie - 23 天 前
Irene is not human he is angel
Khả Doanh
Khả Doanh - 25 天 前
aaaaaa xĩu mất rin bùiiiii unnie ơiiii
정재천 - 25 天 前
나만 못 구했누
Jullia Kang
Jullia Kang - 25 天 前
I don't know why I'm smiling. Hahahaha. She's really a definition of beauty and talented. Full package.
DP459 Reiju
DP459 Reiju - 27 天 前
She's like song Hye Kyo
Segelas Diksi
Segelas Diksi - 个月 前
Neslihan Atagül is a baby
Where Can i watch all th ep
hyeonbaebae1 - 个月 前
아이린누나 안경 쓰니까 짱 귀여워요~
Keith Lund
Keith Lund - 个月 前
I love Irene 😍
marcella - 个月 前
She's beautifullllllllll
Joshua Tibio
Joshua Tibio - 2 个月 前
my heart beat fast shit
제제 - 2 个月 前
이 노래 뭐죠 ㅠㅠㅠ하 기억이 안나 ㅠㅠㅠ
Fruzzle - 2 个月 前
irene with glasses can stop ww3.
Manuel Benitez
Manuel Benitez - 2 个月 前
Very beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Loya Lops
Loya Lops - 2 个月 前
What a song? Tell me pls 😭
hi im sarah
hi im sarah - 2 个月 前
Loya Lops red velvet - parade
DeAtH - 2 个月 前
00:50 most satisfied face of irene and wendy i have ever seen :D and both looking great stay awesome
1k subs without video challenge
original visual
なな - 2 个月 前
little robot
little robot - 2 个月 前
original visual
Suga_Suxxgar - 2 个月 前
She is so cute.
127노잼나나 - 2 个月 前
Can someone tell me the song title?
hi im sarah
hi im sarah - 2 个月 前
127노잼나나 red velvet - parade
Myls Narciso
Myls Narciso - 2 个月 前
kouniamaman - 个月 前
red velvet - parade
daisiesdisya - 2 个月 前
Cantiknya ga abis abis
Elaurza Veronica
Elaurza Veronica - 2 个月 前
rip replay button
Jocelyne cupcake
Jocelyne cupcake - 3 个月 前
Her hair looks great with bangs and a ponytail. Some people don't look as good with ponytail but she looks AMAZING
Yori Anita
Yori Anita - 3 个月 前
hi im sarah
hi im sarah - 2 个月 前
Yori Anita red velvet - parade
curiosum genus elit.
curiosum genus elit. - 3 个月 前
she’s an aries, a strong aries.. like this if you are one too ❤️
濂 リアン 리안Lib
濂 リアン 리안Lib - 3 个月 前
원래 시각을위한 길을💖💖💖
Kaythee - 3 个月 前
eky aliansyah
eky aliansyah - 3 个月 前
Chi Nguywn
Chi Nguywn - 3 个月 前
I thought it was an asmr video but Irene 's visual truely gives us tingle s tho
Mahiyat Alam
Mahiyat Alam - 3 个月 前
she's soooo cute❤
Wendy Irene
Wendy Irene - 3 个月 前
Naufaldy Zharfan
Naufaldy Zharfan - 3 个月 前
who don't like this I'm very angry, they are too elegant in this music video
I can't Go Won without Chuu! can you??
Omg I wanna see Irene up close at least once, that would be such a turning point in life 😅
Irene i love you, you make Reveluvs proud, Red Velvet hwaiting!! 💪💪💪
러비레베럽 - 3 个月 前
배주현 브이로그 주세요ㅠㅠ
러비레베럽 - 3 个月 前
유투브 생태계 파괴시키러 온 여신...
Daisy Say
Daisy Say - 3 个月 前
Guard the Soul
Guard the Soul - 3 个月 前
haha haha
haha haha - 3 个月 前
Boom 😲
son seungwanń
son seungwanń - 3 个月 前
Jung Taeyeon
Jung Taeyeon - 3 个月 前
I love you Baechu❤❤❤
ris u
ris u - 3 个月 前
Her future husband must be so lucky
Kiki Lestari
Kiki Lestari - 3 个月 前
Revernoid One
Revernoid One - 4 个月 前
Cercignani - 4 个月 前
Claudia Cruz
Claudia Cruz - 4 个月 前
Mannnnnn she’s making me want to get a fringe 😫😫
hedienisme - 4 个月 前
doctor: you only have 1 min to live, anything you want to do?
me: /watch this/
Shey GalBer
Shey GalBer - 4 个月 前
#SANA_AaaaaaLL! the graceful/greaaat! Dancer, VERY Unique voiced, INTELLIGENT & GORGEOUS, Charm-miiing,Ideal beautiful you IREEEENE
nolanyoutube - 4 个月 前
visual asmr so true
sygee - 4 个月 前
she’s such a timeless beauty 🤩❤️
Kurniawan Sampurna
Kurniawan Sampurna - 4 个月 前
Bad editing no one notice it. because it's irene
Ana Kimi
Ana Kimi - 4 个月 前
Irene so pretty~
- taebokki
- taebokki - 4 个月 前
she's so adorable ugh
Ghaida Abdallah
Ghaida Abdallah - 4 个月 前
Ahmad D
Ahmad D - 4 个月 前
Tell me the Backsound please..
Ahmad D
Ahmad D - 4 个月 前
@C S thanks
C S - 4 个月 前
Parade by Red Velvet
Nct Dream Fixed Unit
Nct Dream Fixed Unit - 4 个月 前
Joi Rah
Joi Rah - 4 个月 前
this gave me 20/20 vision I don't have to wear glasses anymore
I will sub back to those who sub to me!
RIP replay button..
I will sub back to those who sub to me!
I'll sale myself for the person that will tell me what this song is..
monoeits - 4 个月 前
Angel Above
Angel Above - 4 个月 前
I don’t know why this song is underrated. This should be red velvet’s theme song before they enter the stage to kick some asses
Anne Bloosom
Anne Bloosom - 4 个月 前
beautiful bae joohyun💜💜💜
CJ indent
CJ indent - 4 个月 前
28 years old. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS OLD. Old hag.
Blue Almighty
Blue Almighty - 4 个月 前
Visual of all visuals
Blue Almighty
Blue Almighty - 4 个月 前
So damn fluffy
christopher yang
christopher yang - 4 个月 前
I'm sorry but if they meant for Irene's visuals to be ASMR they failed. While she is the absolute most beautiful woman on the planet her visuals make me anxious and makes my heart race too uncontrollably to be relaxing. With her there is always a sense of nervous excitement that sends me.
Lisa jin rm
Lisa jin rm - 4 个月 前
Eu acho a irennr feia
Agung Disra
Agung Disra - 4 个月 前
Ayu nemen
Jonghyun Kim
Jonghyun Kim - 4 个月 前
I love you
bunnie kook
bunnie kook - 4 个月 前
i thought this was asmr....
O . o
O . o - 4 个月 前
Short Cake
Short Cake - 4 个月 前
Oh god wtf stop killing me lyk this Irene ♥️♥️♥️♥️
ThIs iS kOrEa MaN! DOnt FoRgOt oKaY
doc: you have 56 seconds left to live
Me: *watches this*
kpop is love
kpop is love - 4 个月 前
Bae joohyun lukin so cute
kpop is love
kpop is love - 4 个月 前
Irene godess
kpop is love
kpop is love - 4 个月 前
Brandon - 4 个月 前
What song is in the video
kpop is love
kpop is love - 4 个月 前
Parade by red velvet