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HI SISTERS! Welcome to a new series on my channel called STYLE SWAP! I'll be collaborating and challenging with some of my favorite Beauty Gurus to TRADE makeup looks and products and discuss all things glam, makeup, and life! Today's video is with living legend NIKKIE TUTORIALS. I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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Michael Rusakov
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James Charles
James Charles - 2 年 前
I talk a lot & I talk fast. Welcome to to my channel.
When I made the comment about Nikkie and I being two of the only beauty gurus to make it to the top with creative makeup, I meant just that. There are thousands of creative ARTISTS out there, and there are only a handful of big BEAUTY GURUS. Nikkie and I are two of the only INFLUENCERS who do a mix of both glam looks like beauty gurus do, but also creative, intense makeup, like artists do. I didn’t say we the only creative ones or the only talented ones. Creativity does not necessarily equal talent. I simply wanted to do this video with Nikkie because I feel as though our makeup styles and capabilities compliment each other nicely.
I said “good luck at your 9-5” to people in MY personal life that laughed in my face & said “good luck being a youtuber”. I was not shaming people that work 9-5s. Hard work is hard work. I was shaming the people who belittled me for wanting success and opportunities through a different route. Believe in and support your friends & family, even if they want to do something that’s out of the norm. You never know where it may take them.
Stop twisting everything I say & just enjoy the video.
Heath Johnson
Heath Johnson - 23 天 前
I love makeup
Abdi Dubad
Abdi Dubad - 26 天 前
I know what You saying Sister aka Queen 👑
Jip Mip
Jip Mip - 2 个月 前
Your make-up is bomb i love you so much groeten van nederland♥️
Pusheen Provolon
Pusheen Provolon - 3 个月 前
Lol I just wanted to comment to our qween 😋
sienna selfi
sienna selfi - 22 小时 前
Is it just me or James’s eyes be glowing
melissa - 2 天 前
çok güzelsiniz he
Ms Yuna Salazar
Ms Yuna Salazar - 2 天 前
Great content!
Daniel. Tv
Daniel. Tv - 3 天 前
James being James 8:39 XD❤️🌈
Daniel. Tv
Daniel. Tv - 3 天 前
James being a icon is the best thing in the world❤️🤍🌈
Mariana Surubi
Mariana Surubi - 3 天 前
Soy la única que habla Español? :(
O P H E L I A / أُوفِـلِـيَـا
Why does james look so cute here??!!! Jfueusjsjjdodishdeooe
Noble Wolf
Noble Wolf - 3 天 前
James is actually really cute without make up and when he has his mouth shut 😂
ايمان المشغوني
يسببون التلوث البصري
Lynn Jeffords
Lynn Jeffords - 4 天 前
Lynn Jeffords
Lynn Jeffords - 4 天 前
i not like you from Alina
Camila Sandoval
Camila Sandoval - 4 天 前
Videos en español!!!!!
رهف فيصل
رهف فيصل - 4 天 前
Coffee Fan
Coffee Fan - 4 天 前
ты такой милый без косметики Т-Т
LAREEN _ 89 - 4 天 前
*اعتقد انا الوحيده الي عربيه هنا* ' ☻🖤.
ملك العتيبي 511
Hailey Smith
Hailey Smith - 5 天 前
sister I love both your vids and i'm subbed to both of you
like if you love their vids :)
love you guys # love Nikkie and James love you both!
Benja 07
Benja 07 - 5 天 前
15:36 dijo ese gordo jajaja
max fernandes
max fernandes - 5 天 前
english is not really that hard of a language to learn, james hahahahah it's one of the easiest in the world. i'm from brazil, and portuguese is a MF RIDICULOUS language to speak. it's HARD AS F&*!
Melek Aydın
Melek Aydın - 5 天 前
deborah courtney
deborah courtney - 5 天 前
Me: Whats dutch
Everyone: Are u serious u dont know what dutch is lol
rosaura Salgado
rosaura Salgado - 6 天 前
islam mca
islam mca - 6 天 前
I love you gays❤❤❤❤
Cristina Tupone
Cristina Tupone - 6 天 前
Fernanda Souza
Fernanda Souza - 6 天 前
Legenda em português 🇧🇷🙏💕
geckogekko - 6 天 前
So true about the glitter ugh
idolsair x
idolsair x - 6 天 前
“Ik ga jou zo hard slaan dat jij gaat niezen uit je navel” he said it really good omggg😂
Rinpuii and Rinhlui Sailo
You actually both did it great....😊😊😊🌌
mari&sophie - 7 天 前
sister swap
wolf cub
wolf cub - 7 天 前
I love how supportive you guys are and how you guys are so loving of your channels ♡ I'll definitely be watching you both more often! Stay great in the makeup community! ♡♡♡
Niki & Edson
Niki & Edson - 7 天 前
Is Nikki Dutch? I know I am late to the party
avts ge7dg3s
avts ge7dg3s - 7 天 前
Nikki looks so cute with and without makeup😍😍😍
I am not your *_SISTER_*
S. ava
S. ava - 8 天 前
James: *does 1 eye*
Nikkie: *does the whole galaxy*
Kole Powers
Kole Powers - 8 天 前
Didn't know pigs could talk :o
Tide Pods Mom
Tide Pods Mom - 6 天 前
Lowkeysavage your CNmind name is perfect for you lmao
Lowkeysavage َ
Lowkeysavage َ - 6 天 前
I’m sure you & your entire family talk to each other everyday you should’ve known that pigs talk I’m sure babe
彡sen - 8 天 前
Ally Stewart
Ally Stewart - 8 天 前
sister james, gurl i love you. please do my makeup sometime so that i dont look like a total piece of trash lol
JellyDish Me
JellyDish Me - 9 天 前
2018- “Uk makeup artists are so good!”
2019+2020- “BRO, she said moi makeup’s ooglai!”
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia - 9 天 前
James could be an amazing interviewer.
Salsa - 5 天 前
Umm.. I dont think so, he wont let anyone talk lolllll no offense James ;) story teller will do
Firanka Janka
Firanka Janka - 9 天 前
kyloi Yuikjdd
kyloi Yuikjdd - 9 天 前
Oh yeah!
fanboy M.A.M
fanboy M.A.M - 9 天 前
17:20 that was so fast😱😂😂😂
Destiny Hernandez
Destiny Hernandez - 9 天 前
Who's here after her coming out?????leave a like
Don't care
Don't care - 8 天 前
Kristal Martinez
Kristal Martinez - 9 天 前
2.5 million to 16 million in two years!!
Isabelle Vitoria Mattar Maia
Kristal Martinez 20 million to 16 in 1 day
Lauren Ksenia Bischot
Lauren Ksenia Bischot - 9 天 前
I’m from holland too!!!
Alcatel Pixi
Alcatel Pixi - 10 天 前
Herkesin kendi karakteri düşüncesi ama bu tip erkeklerden nefret ediyorum erkek dediyin adam gibi olur kadın tipli değil😕😕😕😯😯😯
Caitlin Trueman
Caitlin Trueman - 10 天 前
If nikkies trans was she born a man or woman?
Has she still got a dick
y tho
y tho - 15 小时 前
Caitlin Trueman she was born a man, got a surgically-made vagina in her teen years (maybe when she was 19 idrk)
Golly Yousuck
Golly Yousuck - 11 天 前
Fuck off
Ayrial Vail
Ayrial Vail - 11 天 前
I wish I could do makeup as good as James and nikkie but I keep practicing and hope I can do it just as good one day love u both ❤
Gaming with Chloe
Gaming with Chloe - 11 天 前
Jame’s did you were contacs?
Quosago ZZ_
Quosago ZZ_ - 11 天 前
To ten polski kelendarz
Gaming with Chloe
Gaming with Chloe - 11 天 前
She looks like a girl version of you XD hope that dont affend you x
Florencia Issouribehere
I’m the only one that watch Nikki all the video?
Mary D'Auria
Mary D'Auria - 11 天 前
this whole video was just so wholesome,,, I don't even do makeup but it was so fun to watch!
Lojain Abozamil
Lojain Abozamil - 11 天 前
are you henas brother??????
Rainy Alesandra
Rainy Alesandra - 11 天 前
А Боже как ты быстро говоришь, я не успеваю переводиииить
Это просто вааау, я тя люблюююю
Wendell Soeleman
Wendell Soeleman - 11 天 前
Too much gayness
Seeking Truth
Seeking Truth - 11 天 前
These lost souls need Jesus Christ, not more makeup on their face,
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree - 8 天 前
Patrick Star, but gay
Patrick Star, but gay - 9 天 前
Why do they need Jesus
Anarchy - 12 天 前
Who’s here after her coming out
sukhman dhaliwal
sukhman dhaliwal - 12 天 前
At 4:18 James take one look at her face and looks away
Amina Abdulahi
Amina Abdulahi - 12 天 前
James looks like Collins key but a make up guru bc of his blue eyes hairstyle and skin complexion 😂 like if u agree
Selin Saymaz
Selin Saymaz - 12 天 前
James so much talking. I cant did watch