Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Power Up' MV Teaser

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Red Velvet's summer mini album "Summer Magic" will be released on Aug 6th, 6PM(KST).
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Power Up' MV Teaser ℗ SM Entertainment
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kalyla mutiara
kalyla mutiara - 个月 前
Era when I became a *REVELUV* and start stanning Red Velvet
w2bst - 3 个月 前
stream phsyco
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata - 3 个月 前
psycho - 3 个月 前
psycho is out now
oslo - 7 个月 前
after watching teaser
Me: 🍌 banana 🍌
Frasheska Pr
Frasheska Pr - 9 个月 前
When we where thinking the we gonna have the mv here ilusional me ecpeacting the mv in the 2 channels
zachwa julianti
zachwa julianti - 9 个月 前
Irene ssi why you so pretty
Joseph Velis
Joseph Velis - 10 个月 前
Hola no se si cuenta como es Spam o lo que sea, pero es que en MTV Miaw hay una categoría de Kpop y esta Red Velvet y si pudiéramos hacer que las chicas ganaran estaría genial espero me apoyen. ☺️
두둥탁 - 10 个月 前
Loli Pop
Loli Pop - 11 个月 前
wonho abs
wonho abs - 年 前
Among the big 3 girl groups..
Red Velvet has diverse music, concept and even their teasers are way more fun..
P.s.- no hatred pls i stan all of them
elif dkp
elif dkp - 年 前
Red velvet is queen !!!! Okey you know
Abue Liz
Abue Liz - 年 前
Ntah lah ini avaan
Ntah lah ini avaan - 年 前
Cepet-cepet bubar dongg ihk gak sabar mereka bubar semoga bubar AMINNN
호롤롤롤로 - 年 前
Yes you redvelvet pen??
Shamina Shaikh
Shamina Shaikh - 年 前
Still coming here to get the excitement.
Dita's Chanel
Dita's Chanel - 年 前
omega Sempai
omega Sempai - 年 前
` - 年 前
Let’s power up! 🤪
Holy Water
Holy Water - 年 前
I see that Versace Joy 😏
Zennifr_emm - 年 前
Elvis Jiminel
Elvis Jiminel - 年 前
Joy killed me with her visual
저기요..쎔넬좀 바꿔주세요
지나치게 이쁘잖아요ㅠㅠ 완전 오버킬ㅠ
ˇ 정예빈.
ˇ 정예빈. - 年 前
cutie kitten
cutie kitten - 年 前
Power up
Torb Nymublous
Torb Nymublous - 年 前
Great shot Irene I'm sure the idol's love the free chicken
濂 リアン 리안Lib
Las amo son demasiado talentosas
bumkeyk _
bumkeyk _ - 年 前
Is this real a red velvet YT account? Im so confused!
Walking dreamer
Walking dreamer - 年 前
Yes! It is... official one created by SM Town itself.. every SM group has one :)
M A Y L O - 年 前
لا يرحملي اهلكم لا ترجعون للمفهوم الخايس ذا مفهوم اطفال و اكل ومدري وش خليكم زي باد بوي بس ذا المفهوم مرا لا يع
Raisa Trixie
Raisa Trixie - 年 前
That Thumbnail...
naratip sridee
naratip sridee - 年 前
rEd LiGhT gReEn liGhT SwAg
i don't know red velvet has their own account channel
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends - 年 前
Banana 🍌
Venedict Lee
Venedict Lee - 年 前
they could send us message videos on this channel! (ik i keep commenting ab this but lol why not)
Venedict Lee
Venedict Lee - 年 前
i hope they release the revelup/s3 eps on this channel!
Venedict Lee
Venedict Lee - 年 前
why don't youtube add the 'music' playlist with their music videos on this channel? it'd be much better and the channel will look like it's alive.
Slenderman - 年 前
이야기ᄀ - 年 前
0.05 아이린 미모 실화? 거의 천상계여신이.인간으로 변한거 아님?
이거광고 에서나오던데 신곡광고인가요?
Moonshine&valentine Fransheskapr
I wish the SM would upload the mv here too i was more easy for us make more views .
Ari Cules
Ari Cules - 年 前
_ Rapmonday
_ Rapmonday - 年 前
kawaii cake
kawaii cake - 年 前
This mv teaser is goaalllls💓
kaep jjang
kaep jjang - 年 前
*banana pop*
Miss Yiyi
Miss Yiyi - 年 前
와 노래 들으니까 신이 난다~❤💜💛💚
li Yong
li Yong - 年 前
Lol why am I barely getting the notifications wth
Fransheska PerdomoR
Im think they see everbody sayint the no upload the mv here having the mv in 2 channel only make easy make more viewa you used the same channel in both YT accounts .
Gioia De Marco
Gioia De Marco - 年 前
Trippy Thyna
Trippy Thyna - 年 前
fricken cutiesss
루나 - 年 前
Power up 들어보셨나요??
selena gomez& lisa black pink
👏👏👏💛💛💛💛They are really beautiful and the song creativity and dance are wonderful, never misrepresented💛💛💛💛💛💛ilove you red velevt💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
winwin doesn't need lines; lines need winwin
I hope live performances will be uploaded here!
Amelia C
Amelia C - 年 前
*this was posted at my birthday i'm proud*
IIShooky SugaII
IIShooky SugaII - 年 前
Was this reposted?
Kang Cutie
Kang Cutie - 年 前
Inna Ly
Inna Ly - 年 前
Wow 4 min. Ago and 41k. Likes :0
goldengguk - 年 前
Who's here after listening to the whole song? IT'S A WHOLE FRICKING BOP!🔥🔥💯💯
れあら - 年 前
Extraordinary Mr Gibbs
I can't survive the thumbnail 😵😵😵
Anime Oz
Anime Oz - 年 前
Everyone go to VLIVE. It's there
Jade Chocoberry
Jade Chocoberry - 年 前
Ahhh, this is gonna be my mew favourite Red Velvet summer bop for sure!
민윤기 - 年 前
Sana is with me
Sana is with me - 年 前
Lalice Lalysa
Lalice Lalysa - 年 前
sao chưa có ?
기영준 - 年 前
Reodique Juy
Reodique Juy - 年 前
Bu banana bu banananana bu banana bu banananana what i hear
South Kim
South Kim - 年 前
Red Velvet Slaying yassss!! Go girlsss
Refi Larsson
Refi Larsson - 年 前
Ma Gurls❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
acorn 20
acorn 20 - 年 前
신곡공개 7분전!!
Ereen Nurtiara
Ereen Nurtiara - 年 前
Don’t put hashtag on the comment section please, it will freeze the youtube
Madaniyah_ Rohmah
Madaniyah_ Rohmah - 年 前
This is youtube official red velvet?
suhocolate EXO
suhocolate EXO - 年 前
So sm is now starting to post on their official yt account.. okaay??
Andrea - 年 前
waiting for release #PowerUp
Alberta Anindiadhari
30 minutes again!!
Hee H
Hee H - 年 前
컴백 45분전임 ㄷㄷ
넘 좋다 징짜ㅠㅠ
Divya Krishnan
Divya Krishnan - 年 前
it sounds amazing but then again it’s red velvet when does it not
Diana Estrada
Diana Estrada - 年 前
Y el ganador a videos mas randoms del kpop es....... AJJAJAJA