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Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle - 2 分钟 前
Since Cody can dunk, they should do an episode of a dunking contest with a trampoline for the others.
Stephen Bryan
Stephen Bryan - 56 分钟 前
Why do y’all have to look different when you’re not even doing anything with the look?👴🏼
Denisa tasuni
Denisa tasuni - 2 小时 前
Ty looks like my grandpa
Duan Sofea
Duan Sofea - 3 小时 前
i miss kobe so much like if you want kobe
gamingislife ,
gamingislife , - 6 小时 前
I can tell u guys are going to be the cool old ppl
Erickson 0513
Erickson 0513 - 8 小时 前
Moli Mohr
Moli Mohr - 10 小时 前
Cory I think aged better
Kara Kern
Kara Kern - 12 小时 前
Who’s just watching this in 2020 oh and I hope y’all stay safe if you see this
Xfuze - 15 小时 前
I LIKE RAISINS - 16 小时 前
Idk if it’s Cory or coby but the one with sunglasses looks like the dad from the ranch
I LIKE RAISINS - 16 小时 前
They all look like evil cartoon villains
John Michael
John Michael - 16 小时 前
Like santa but a few decades ago
Rhonda Assoun-Gritten
Rhonda Assoun-Gritten - 18 小时 前
My papa old and he can slam dunk I would say he’s in the twenties
Ryan Macleod
Ryan Macleod - 19 小时 前
You’re amazing🤭
Paxton Omasta
Paxton Omasta - 19 小时 前
Tyler looks the best
Paxton Omasta
Paxton Omasta - 19 小时 前
Tyler is the best
kristian knuth
kristian knuth - 21 小时 前
who else noticed that almost every time when the song said "this is how legends are made" Ty made a shot hmmmmmm suspicious
Teodor Gherasim
Teodor Gherasim - 21 小时 前
Old school basketball trick shots are just a bit better than our original basketball trick shots who agrees?
Watch this now!!!!!
Watch this now!!!!! - 22 小时 前
Garret got more hair as he got older
Cris Pierson
Cris Pierson - 天 前
Anyone else watching in 2020
aznwill2424 - 天 前
( ・∇・)
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 天 前
Cody ur so odd in this vid they try the shots a mil times
Andrew Tawzer
Andrew Tawzer - 天 前
Tyler looks like uncle drew/kyri Irving
Andrew Tsaturyan
Andrew Tsaturyan - 天 前
When we wish our elderly can play basketball like that
Kerrie Birkas
Kerrie Birkas - 天 前
Best YouTubers in the world. Like if they are this is how much people are geniuses👇🏻
Lynnette Homer
Lynnette Homer - 天 前
Loki ty looks like star lords dad 😨
Dylan Dacus
Dylan Dacus - 天 前
Dilek Özbey
Dilek Özbey - 2 天 前
Are you doing everything first try?
Greaves Boys
Greaves Boys - 2 天 前
Dis is da best
Insanely random shots
Insanely random shots - 2 天 前
they said are you gonna trickshot till ur 60?
cody: YEAH!!! ty: no

were goin to 85!!!!
Crazykid 123
Crazykid 123 - 2 天 前
Funny thing is there probs gonna be doing trick shots when there this old
Marshall Johnson
Marshall Johnson - 2 天 前
The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken - 2 天 前
the most unnatural 6 minuets of YouTube
Garret.C Granander
Garret.C Granander - 2 天 前
Older tom cruise
Emmanuel Beltran
Emmanuel Beltran - 2 天 前
Out of the twins Coby aged better.
Marcus Vergara
Marcus Vergara - 2 天 前
This is dp in 50 years
Ray Schrock
Ray Schrock - 2 天 前
Ty guess what is 1111+22222
Ray Schrock
Ray Schrock - 2 天 前
I love you ty
Ray Schrock
Ray Schrock - 2 天 前
Neurobiology ruriririri osteoporosis Rosario jejririd sunscreen
Layna Robertson
Layna Robertson - 2 天 前
coby aged better
elaine olson
elaine olson - 2 天 前
Ty when you dunked you looked like Michael
Altin Lame
Altin Lame - 3 天 前
rodrigo cayaban
rodrigo cayaban - 3 天 前
3:24 uncle drew
max deimante1
max deimante1 - 3 天 前
Stts Bg
Stts Bg - 3 天 前
Arran Kennelly
Arran Kennelly - 3 天 前
Ty looks like George Lucas from Star Wars
Ankle_Breaky - 3 天 前
When my grandpa dance in party
Kylen & Jacoby Stevens
Pause at 2:49
胡晓钊 - 3 天 前
these guys are amazing
Tanya P
Tanya P - 3 天 前
Ty is the best
Cortland Miller
Cortland Miller - 3 天 前
I loved the first one.
Jill Ross
Jill Ross - 3 天 前
Who thinks Tyler needs to be on nba
Kenadie Quirk
Kenadie Quirk - 3 天 前
Pierson Balderas
Pierson Balderas - 3 天 前
By the way happy birthday from 2020-2890
Caleb Kleppinger
Caleb Kleppinger - 3 天 前
Cory aged better
Ali Essa
Ali Essa - 3 天 前
Are you fok
Ali Essa
Ali Essa - 3 天 前
Ali Essa I Love you
Kidus Nega
Kidus Nega - 3 天 前
I thought purple hozer was Tyler
Ice-snipe- Gaming
Ice-snipe- Gaming - 3 天 前
I think Corey aged better which ever one is Corey
Kendra Walz
Kendra Walz - 4 天 前
You guys should play basketball
D L - 4 天 前
2:25 they would be in trouble if they went a tad bit to the left
Jayvee Candia
Jayvee Candia - 4 天 前
Tyler looks cool
Livi Lee
Livi Lee - 4 天 前
Honestly bro I wanna see them go out in public like that to see if they could fool anyone lol
helvireichl - 4 天 前
Garret today: completely bald
Garret in video: flowing locks
Drastic - 4 天 前
Coby looks like Gibbs from NCIS
Celcius Gaming
Celcius Gaming - 4 天 前
The real dukun :v
Xiaolin Zheng
Xiaolin Zheng - 4 天 前
Although those are fake shot, but still like it
meena sahoo
meena sahoo - 4 天 前
Ty looks like 85's Donald Trump
Roblox Pheonix
Roblox Pheonix - 4 天 前
Ty looks like Mario
Roblox Pheonix
Roblox Pheonix - 4 天 前
You looks like Mario
Elijah Fisher
Elijah Fisher - 4 天 前
Tye looks like an older version of Clint Eastwood
FBI Is always watching
I always forget which twin is which, but at 1:53 the one on the right aged better. Also he looks like bang from one punch man
Russell Scott
Russell Scott - 4 天 前
Ty lookin like Ernest Hemingway
Ryan Daniels
Ryan Daniels - 4 天 前
Ty looks like my Grandpa Troy
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar - 4 天 前
I showed this to my grandpa, he tried to sprint without his walker
Evan Torres
Evan Torres - 4 天 前
HARI KHARE - 4 天 前
The Rafters Splasher
Jack Zaffke
Jack Zaffke - 4 天 前
Cody stole the show
Sahana Shivkumar
Sahana Shivkumar - 4 天 前
3:28 imagine that during a match the ball gets deflected in there and someone actually throws the ball through the ring😲
Jayden Olson
Jayden Olson - 4 天 前
Sahana Shivkumar it’s called a hoop
theHentySkeptic - 5 天 前
Joosh Tegle
Joosh Tegle - 5 天 前
It’s funny how garret has lots of hair