CBR - 28 天 前
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Dominick7 - 5 天 前
Loved The Hulk from Ang Lee.
bored to hell
bored to hell - 12 天 前
David Tomlin dont fucking @ me
David Tomlin
David Tomlin - 12 天 前
@bored to hell watching for marvel thing as to do in marvel skulling
David Tomlin
David Tomlin - 12 天 前
King king jumping bananas game . I've been hulk useing king kong .
Mr. Edward Hyde
Mr. Edward Hyde - 18 小时 前
*The Incredible Hulk Animated Series From The 90's Marvel Must Start There*
노잼No Jam
노잼No Jam - 19 小时 前
Gomer Gilligan
Gomer Gilligan - 23 小时 前
they should use a real person like the TV series - use the Iranian hulk - he would make an awesome hulk
Tony Wright
Tony Wright - 23 小时 前
I've been waiting on Hulk vs Wolverine. You can have that other stuff.
Please solo hulk movie⛓⚔🛡🙏
Tstaten4 - 天 前
We need a hulk movie of his true strength. The movies make him such a weak bitch but in the comics he kicks everyone ass
qui9cy - 天 前
Planet Hulk is a must
Erick Morales
Erick Morales - 天 前
Loved Norton’s hulk. Very underrated
GammaRayGaming - 天 前
The biggest problem with a smart Hulk is it's always been 2 personalities in 1 body. Each personality battling for dominance. Hulk hates Banner because he's weak, Banner hates Hulk because he's savage. It's that internal struggle that makes the character interesting. But when you have a smart Hulk you take away that internal struggle, and you take away what makes Hulk a unique superhero.
Nate - 天 前
finally! I want a solo Hulk Movie!
Antonio Adielma
Antonio Adielma - 天 前
Sadly much to late! Avengers Endgame could have been legendary.. if they didn't multi-gang-raped the Hulk and Thor characters.
Longhaul Brown
Longhaul Brown - 天 前
That hulk movie was a classic
William Bianchi
William Bianchi - 天 前
I thought Ed Norton did a fantastic job as Bruce Banner. Easily my favorite Hulk movie. Easily.
justinian1962 - 天 前
Sorry, but I'm NOT interested in Mark Ruffalo's characterization of the Hulk...he's almost ruined it with onscreen "soft-boi" portrayal,
And offscreen his oft-vented visceral disdain for Trump, old-fashioned American values...and anything else out of step with "woke", weird, Hollywood left-wing elitism.
I just get so sick and tired of "stars" who feel their platform entitles them to waggle their disapproving finger and lecture me, or my neighbors about what should concern us & how we ought to live.
Get somebody else to play "Hulk", or I'm not showing up in line.
Net Guru
Net Guru - 2 天 前
The best isololated representative of Hulk was when he was chasing black widow through the spaceship when Loki escaped. That was the most insane angry hulk ever seen. If he ever got his hands on her....🙈
jeremiah long
jeremiah long - 2 天 前
Let’s not forget about the hulk movie 2003
John Everett
John Everett - 2 天 前
I liked both of the first two Hulk movies, but was perplexed by the discontinuity between them, and then again with the Avengers and Thor movies.
Maybe the next one or two will stabilize and harmonize with the MCU.
Michael Kalweit
Michael Kalweit - 2 天 前
Hulk vs Wolverine and throw in Alpha Flight to make it really interesting. Marvel are you listening?
Brandon Wilcox
Brandon Wilcox - 2 天 前
Sorry but Mark Ruffalo doesn't own the character. He has never portrayed a genius top tier scientist, rather just a goofy New Yorker...
kaiju collector
kaiju collector - 2 天 前
it will be mind boggling if they make an agent of smash movie for mcu haha
Old Man
Old Man - 2 天 前
rufulao is a liberal hollywood ijit.
AceDriver2012 - 2 天 前
Even though it won’t happen would’ve liked grey hulk “Mr. Fix-it”
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan - 3 天 前
After getting dog walked by thanos we needed a rematch
Samson Moore
Samson Moore - 3 天 前
Will hulk still have an injured arm... "hulk!... half smash!?"
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell - 3 天 前
The 1st one was pretty good(03 version prior to the MCU), except Hulk was smarter than he was supposed to be. There's a reason that no one remembers the 08 one: it was NIGHTMARISHLY awful! I had that one(before I ksaw it) and trashed it! I bought the 03 version twice!
fclssknldg sekR
fclssknldg sekR - 3 天 前
I like Ruffalo in war movies more than I enjoyed him as hulk. And because of his role in hulk i have no hope for this news being true sounds like what was said of endgame. Wasn't that great of a movie like everyone was led to believe. I think everyone confused the excitement of it being the supposedly last chapter. Yeah right. Reasons like this are why bootlegs deserve a well shot and not to be considered illegal. To ban bootlegs would be to be allowed to get money back for a shit flick. Lol. Just saying though.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez - 3 天 前
Marvel turned the hulk into a pu$$/!!! Such a shame
denny onsurez
denny onsurez - 3 天 前
Honestly mark ruffalo hulk has not grabbed my attention as much as any of the other characters
King David
King David - 3 天 前
The one I’ve been waiting for is World 🌎 War Hulk!!!
Michael Angelo Paterson
The Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite Super heroes " Oh Yeah ,want to see a new movie.
Barack Nasi
Barack Nasi - 3 天 前
Would love to see a kick a#$ Hulk movie where he doesn't look soft as ice cream.
picazzo5150 - 3 天 前
Please don’t use Mark Raffalo. He is the worst Bruce Banner and has turned the Hulk into a buffoon.
brock Lesnar
brock Lesnar - 3 天 前
Yes 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
coates27 - 3 天 前
On another note they are going to have to find a way to bring planet hulk to life man, everybody wants to see it plus i believe it can be done since time has been violated by the gems.
Proxan - 3 天 前
Fuck it, world war hulk
coates27 - 3 天 前
I thought the 2008 HULK film was great. Way better than M night Shyamala's film
Michael Melton
Michael Melton - 4 天 前
They need to fix the damage they did to the hulk through the marvel series . Made the strongest ultimate badass, into a mediocre average semi hero
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham - 4 天 前
Marvels Hulk is Shrek... I miss the Anger Powered Hulk.. The Hulk that would have gotten up when Thanos Knocked him down!!!
Jay Fran
Jay Fran - 4 天 前
I'm much more prefer incredible hulk to guardians. Guardians is more recent yet i can't even rmr what happened.
Kill3r Killz
Kill3r Killz - 4 天 前
I don’t like what endgame did with hulk
junky9 - 4 天 前
change your title
Redboy G Griffin
Redboy G Griffin - 4 天 前
He can save the world
John Thompson
John Thompson - 4 天 前
They made the smart hulk look weak and stupid. Hope they do better.
DiShir Cruz
DiShir Cruz - 5 天 前
Damn CBR you had to really dishonor Falcon ...wow?? Why because he black? Or because it's Anthony Mackey 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂
Ben Moss
Ben Moss - 5 天 前
If you like hulk comics, its unlikely that you'll like this movie. Hulk is one of those characters that doesnt fit in with disney's famous happy endings.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 5 天 前
They turned hulk into a big green pussy😭😭😭😭😭
David Jones
David Jones - 5 天 前
Iron man set the standard for every marvel movie since
flesh effigy
flesh effigy - 5 天 前
Yeah idk, I was pissed they smashed world war Hulk into a Thor movie tbh. One cool story arc they can adapt is house of M, where Scarlett witch creates an alternate reality, but it already becomes less of a Hulk movie so idk really. I feel like a lot of directors are just trying to hard to create their own stories with ones that already exist and have already been written well.
Herbert De Jesus
Herbert De Jesus - 5 天 前
Misleading title...thumbs down!!
dreful blig
dreful blig - 5 天 前
Is the black hero less prominent u got black fans too
FACESLAM 1988 - 6 天 前
Hulk and red hulk
John Elmore
John Elmore - 6 天 前
Yes a solo movie for the hulk
Rick Daum
Rick Daum - 6 天 前
They spend two decades destroying his powers , it might be two late
Toy Bonnie 344
Toy Bonnie 344 - 6 天 前
Marvel Studios should make a Hulk solo film that takes place before Avengers Age of Ultron with the 2017 Hulk with Mark Ruffalo
Pat Steen
Pat Steen - 6 天 前
Edward Norton hulk was better than the first captain America movie
planck10-43 - 6 天 前
9:45 oh gawd, you lost me at "she-hulk"...
Phillip Gillespie
Phillip Gillespie - 6 天 前
I just don’t want this watered down pussy hulk we’ve been subjected to last few films... I love the interactions he’s had with the other characters and I love Mar Ruffalo when he’s not the hulk. I just miss the hulk from the first avengers that was unstoppable. One punch blasting that gigantic alien creature into oblivion... like where the hell is that hulk at? He’s been reduced to being a softer pussified green man and it’s just not as good
Jack Fairy
Jack Fairy - 6 天 前
They should adapt the Future Imperfect storyline. And have Betty Ross and eventually General Ross turn into Red Hulks. And it would be all orchestrated by the future version of Professor Hulk named the Maestro! #hinthint #makemineMarvel #EXCELSIOR
Mtg Mtg
Mtg Mtg - 6 天 前
I loved the first hulk even though he looked like play doh.
Jim Warship
Jim Warship - 6 天 前
I loved both the old hulk movies. Still think Edward Norton was the best Bruce Banner by far. Hated how they made the Ruffalo hulk weaker and nicer as the MCU progressed. And was so disappointed how there wasn't even a hulk anymore in Endgame, just terrible.