I played an 8 yr old boy in a Chinese television series. 我们一家人​ (My Family) EO4

I played an 8 yr old boy in a Chinese television series. The show was called 我们一家人​ (My Family) sitcom following the day to day life of a Chinese family living in Tianjin, China.
I played the part of Jeff a Chinese/American boy sent to live with his aunties family. I was required to speak both English and Chinese which was quite difficult especially as I was only just 8yrs old at the time of filming.
There were 30 episodes filmed and I appeared in 20 of them. I've uploaded the first 4 episodes sorry no English subtitles at the moment.
Try learning some Chinese its super easy.
Living Language Mandarin Chinese, Complete Edition: amzn.to/2WPGnwx
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Gabriel Schroll
Gabriel Schroll - 10 个月 前
Thanks for posting this! Unfortunately, after spending a couple of years in Guangdong province, my ears loathe the sound of the lazy, slurred northern accent. Of course, this is just an opinion. I wasn't mislead by the subtitle issue at all. I just can't understand northerners.
Musics The Hang Up
Musics The Hang Up - 年 前
anyone have a timestamp? I don't have 23 minutes...
Lucas - 年 前
Around 14:50
SY Lee
SY Lee - 年 前
Thanks for a good video for studying Chinese and enjoying comedies!
troiscarottes - 年 前
I was sort of expecting English subtitles (in fact any European language would do), but I was misled by the introduction. Too bad !