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Doms Serenity
Doms Serenity - 4 天 前
Communist is evil
JSB Hmm - 4 天 前
Ban CCP propaganda on YouTube.
JSB Hmm - 4 天 前
So, China gets busted again for lying about the numbers... big surprise.
We are one
We are one - 7 天 前
King 🤴Trump fault he did nothing so China took over to help .
Mr. ALBERT - 8 天 前
Propaganda CGTN
wjwhite wjwhite
wjwhite wjwhite - 8 天 前
Close up Wuhan market forever because viruses from Chinese, our people a diying out there many more please do something.(SARS, EBOLA now CORVIN19) after 2 or 5years what's new virus split from Chinese we don't no.😠😠😠😠
mohawkdavepit - 8 天 前
YouTube disseminates propaganda for C.C.P.
p c
p c - 9 天 前
Oust every chinise from Europe & America. Boycott China world over.Sue them in International court.
San Andre
San Andre - 13 天 前
CGTN..This communist shows fake news
Life Coaching
Life Coaching - 15 天 前
Working together as one across borders and countries... this is what works...Trump is not popular anyways. This does not mean countries should just blame each other at this bad times. The truth is may be millions people are suffering and countless died. Pointing fingers reflect evil regardless of who they are.. Compassion and love goes far way... the truth is citizens of the world are suffering and let’s help the world...this will show who is in super power in compassion and love, not violence and wars.... please work together and help each... the world needs every helping hands now...Thank You.
LightNSalt - 17 天 前
I never trust such manipulated fake news like CGTN supported by Chinese communist. Especially news for Wuhan is totally fake. puke
Fabien Eldridge
Fabien Eldridge - 18 天 前
Has anyone tried Energy ☓ frequency = Sound , if it works it could save alot of lives. With all the science on this why not ?
devadethan b
devadethan b - 20 天 前
STOP TRAVEL BAN. TEST AND TREAT ON THE SPOT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. It is a globalized world, that ultimately proved by the coronavirus. The virus is breaching all restrictions of the national governments and it spreads all corners of the world. To contain the virus, China is the most efficient country in the world now. So, for the sake of the world people to form an International body under the leadership of China as early as possible. Devadathan - founder of Centre of the World Communist Movement - CWCM .
Ian H.
Ian H. - 23 天 前
How come CGTN America is afraid of comments on most of their stories?
Shashidhar Shettar
Shashidhar Shettar - 2 个月 前
The UK is BANKRUPT why anyone cares and FOOLISH ENOUGH to invite the UK to be a liaison
her paradox
her paradox - 3 个月 前
CGTN is under the control of the Communist Party of China, registered as a foreign agent U.S., with
pending investigations in U.K. by broadcast regulator, Ofcom, for biased coverage of Hong Kong's months long pro-democracy protests and for being called out by guests for airing forced confessions. I wouldn’t put much weight and trust in what they say.
Wally Wally
Wally Wally - 8 个月 前
Russia and China OFFICIALLY opened the pandora box of American military weapons, refusing to sign any treaty. SUCKER'S.
peaceonearth - 7 个月 前
@Wally Wally Thank you are so thoughtful, hope it is a RUSSIAN OR CHINESE ONE.
Wally Wally
Wally Wally - 7 个月 前
Here is a banana 🍌 king Kong 😁
peaceonearth - 8 个月 前
Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett - 9 个月 前
There is as much censorship in America as any other. I.E. Heard about Flint. Michigan lately? Or the war chants by MSM? And Iraq, of course.
Rob Finn
Rob Finn - 10 个月 前
Today is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre where the Chinese Communist Party murdered thousands of freedom loving Chinese citizens. Please light a candle in their remembrance.
Sheila Amos
Sheila Amos - 个月 前
I will
fib notnow
fib notnow - 10 个月 前
What the heck happened to CGTN Live Now broadcast?
Jerry Chu
Jerry Chu - 5 个月 前
It was probably never really 'live' anyway. TV stations has to play video recordings for people who didn't have a chance to watch 'live'.
Constatine XI Palaeologus
Constatine XI Palaeologus - 5 个月 前
@Donkey Kong they did this to stop their CCP lies, propaganda, and deception in the USA. It's bad enough we have the liars in Leftist lamestream media. Would China allow any conservative news outlets like Fox, OAN, Infowars, or any network into China to criticize the CCP or your President. I was unaware CGTN was banned in the USA and I actually liked watching it to see their propaganda. There are some good puff stories by CGTN in an attempt to become more legate and acceptable to Americans. China Uncensored is correct!
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - 7 个月 前
fib notnow : trump forced them the name of free
Amidat - 8 个月 前
looks like they've stopped on... sad.. wouldn't be surprised if they weren't forced to
BK ALL DAY - 年 前
Sad things are happening around the World. Yet some people seem to always complain about nothing important......Smh
Ishaq Sait
Ishaq Sait - 9 个月 前
CGtn live