Center Chinese television has reported Dr Lin and other 8 doctors are creating social rumors

This CCTV13 Channel is one of official Center Chinese television on news, this CCTV13 is one of them among many Chinese medians reported wrongly and accused 8 doctors included Dr Lin who recently passed away, these doctors has already in December first coronavirus was noticed and even they shared on social media for awareness and infection ,but government has lucked up these 8 doctors social medias ,and let government own medias report these doctors are creating rumors in societies and people should aware of it , but to day people realized these 8 doctors are right ,if that time government listen and took a attention to these 8 doctors then China will never suffering like hell by more and more coronavirus infected people increasing to day ,so our question is why Chinese government did that, that question should answer by president Xi and communist leaders ,that can be one secret from communist party
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