The Cosmic Wonder
The Cosmic Wonder - 个月 前
Captain Marvel 2 officially begins preproduction with a new writer! So if you didn't like the first perhaps the new writer will help! And Captain Marvel and Spider-Man are said to set up the New Avengers! Who do you want to see in the New Avengers? Woof woof!
Kiaran Reddy
Kiaran Reddy - 28 天 前
@Junior Simelane ohhhh helllll nawwww 😂😂😂😂 Jk
Junior Simelane
Junior Simelane - 28 天 前
@Kiaran Reddy that xbox is mine bro stay back 😄
Kiaran Reddy
Kiaran Reddy - 28 天 前
I liked subscribed and commented 👍
Zachariah Kelley
Zachariah Kelley - 个月 前
I want captain marvel and war machine spider man ant man the wasp professor hulk to be the new avengers
impact zone
impact zone - 2 天 前
i hope captain marvel gets into a coma after rogue steals her powers like in the comics so we can see more of the x-men then this version of captain marvel
Alex Richards
Alex Richards - 4 天 前
And thats a film wont be going to see
dashrath - 11 天 前
Definitely I wanna see their team
Fav super hero IRON MAN
fav villain LOKI
MetalCharisma - 12 天 前
how nice it would be if the ironman didn't actually die, it was the skrull, because they can disguised themselves as everyone the like. haha..
Terry Yeager
Terry Yeager - 17 天 前
I cant wait to see the next one!! I'm ready now!!
PI - 18 天 前
I thought Rouge is supposed to be the adversary for Captain Marvel in this 2nd movie? I thought I read that somewhere.
Mr thatITguy
Mr thatITguy - 18 天 前
I want Kamala Khan Capt. Marvel!
Alain Smith
Alain Smith - 18 天 前
I would like to see either Mystique and Rogue in Captain Marvel 2 or Moonstone as a main villain/villains! And I personally love both Captain Marvel as a character and a movie just wish they hadn’t cast that dumb bitch Brie Larson as her, someone like Emma Stone would be great!
Pawan Raj Verma
Pawan Raj Verma - 20 天 前
So basically you are trying to say I shall be watching next Avengers with my kids beside?
Tommy - 21 天 前
I will love this combo
Elvermen Zero
Elvermen Zero - 21 天 前
Oh carol,
Why u cut ur hairs,
U know it hurt us..
U look like a tomboy...
La la la la la la la la...
Killsocialmedia - 22 天 前
Captain Marvel 2 will suck just like the first one. When the whole reason of a movie is to push women empowerment you will fall in the shitter. I tried watching the first one. It was terrible. They are making wayyy too many superhero movies
Jon Weber
Jon Weber - 22 天 前
I love Captain Marvel!
Dat Don
Dat Don - 22 天 前
Joseph Orfanelli
Joseph Orfanelli - 23 天 前
Yes bring on the bad skrulls!!!!
Ryan Jay Botin
Ryan Jay Botin - 23 天 前
I really need the time stone right now so I can watch all of theses movies in advance 😂🤣😅
20 000 subscribers without any videos?
Shad Sleek_B
Shad Sleek_B - 24 天 前
Peter: Hi am Peter Parker
Captain Marvel: Hey Peter Parker.
Best line in End Game!!!!!😂
Shad Sleek_B
Shad Sleek_B - 18 天 前
@MINK what's the best one according to you?
MINK - 22 天 前
Shad Sleek_B Not even close
Mercury Hall
Mercury Hall - 24 天 前
I wasn't amazed by the original Captain Marvel, but I do appreciate how much power she has. I loved seeing her ball out in End Game. I want to see her fight something or someone that is really going to test her, and I want to see a really good story. Introducing Secret Wars sounds like a fantastic start!
John Eason
John Eason - 24 天 前
Higher further faster baby. Go Captain Marvel
T-ROY - 25 天 前
Gonna be messed up already...
Phillip Young
Phillip Young - 25 天 前
Captain Marvel 2. And The New Avengers!! 💸 💸 💸!!
Eric Nestle
Eric Nestle - 25 天 前
Please find another Actress to play miss marvel because Bree Larson doesn’t have the depth or the ability to bring the character to life she is too plain and uneventful in her category of range of acting style and participation with the characters of others she doesn’t have what it takes
We love Captain Marvel 😍😍
Rex B
Rex B - 26 天 前
What is considered preproduction? Is that where they are writing the script and filming scenes? Or is it still where everyone is throwing ideas around?
Camille Jamerson, CEO, Strategist and Consultant
Odd. I dont see either of them being the logical choice to lead. ESPECIALLY when you have a King (Tchalla), a God (Thor) and new Captain (Falcon) as well as Dr. Strange and Wanda. Capt Marvel as the face would probably not cut it right now. Her character is a far cry from Tony....even if her 2nd movie is better, she has a LONG way to go. The standard was set pretty high.
Reetha Et
Reetha Et - 26 天 前
I am excited. But now movies are just about setting up other new movies instead of telling a story you've been dying to tell. I hope captain Marvel 2 is its own film instead of a new marvel setup movie.
Mark G
Mark G - 26 天 前
Yes 3000
LSK 360
LSK 360 - 26 天 前
Nothing in life will always keep going up there is bound to be a period where things get stormy and since the infinity saga was a huge success . People will kinda start getting sick of the mcu. All it will take is one movie to disappoint. Hopefully black widow won't be that movie. PS James Cameroon shut the hell up and do your best and focus on your movies. The cosmic wonder gotta hand it to you. Youre the master of mcu rumors and fake news.
Racheal Mustchin
Racheal Mustchin - 26 天 前
That's awesome to hear that it's on its way! I haven't seen the first one, but I did love her character in Avengers: Endgame.
Sun Phoenix
Sun Phoenix - 26 天 前
Captain marvel is so powerful ,give her the villain galactus so that she can be kill by galactus
God of Thunder!
God of Thunder! - 26 天 前
Ehh not overly enthusiast but still have hope !
I'm Him!!!
I'm Him!!! - 27 天 前
Lies spiderman mcu days will be over before Captain Marvel 2 comes out..
Anthony LaGreca
Anthony LaGreca - 27 天 前
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey - 27 天 前
So many ideas they could do with captain Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 maybe. Or have her in Thor 4
Teddy Carian
Teddy Carian - 27 天 前
Wonder Woman has Class. Captain Marvel is garbage.
Chad Hatfield
Chad Hatfield - 27 天 前
I love this idea do it im a huge captain marvel fan
Fartbox 3000
Fartbox 3000 - 27 天 前
Hate the Captain Marvel actress
Captain Marvel GOOOOOD LUUCK
Max V
Max V - 27 天 前
Favorite superhero is Thor ⚡ 💪
Jalen Dominguez
Jalen Dominguez - 27 天 前
Next generations 💪🏽
Jr Chavez
Jr Chavez - 27 天 前
I hate Brie Larson just looking at her face makes me cringe just thinking about her makes me cringe I wouldn't even watch a lesbian scene with her in it
Michelle Calandra
Michelle Calandra - 27 天 前
Definitely makes a lot of sense and would be very exciting
Joseph Cienega
Joseph Cienega - 27 天 前
Captain Marvel is ..."The Battle Ship Destroyer"..
Joseph Cienega
Joseph Cienega - 27 天 前
Love you Brie Larson.. You Have the Best Ass Of All Avengers Chicks..Love you in Avengers End Game When you wore those hot Ass tight Pants.. you Booty Looked ..Mighty Delicious.. ..Can't wait to see you become the New Avengers Leader .. you Deserve it Captain Marvel."SHIP DESTROYER"......Love you Brie Larson
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore - 27 天 前
I can hardly wait for Captain Marvel 2 new Avengers like Spiderman Antman Falcon and Dr Strange!
rodney adams
rodney adams - 28 天 前
I'm think that spider man team up in iron fist but hey ben wrong before. as for secret invasion "pink or normal look Kree" it be good time. the asgurd and Thor in messes at time won't keep out. what interesting if MJ or NEad had blue blood was secretly Kree then have stop captain marvel smashing them blow hole through body. we already saw fly thanes ship. we saw spider man fail fight thanes. so not even fight. interesting thing through there Wanda vision. two theory that one smart hulk throw Wanda what thought was vision in past. other thought Wanda has melt down goes house M. in that play out. captain marvel return to earth short hair. then suddenly 60's hair grow long . she only one knows something not right. so go find petter convince him spider man. say stuff come get sticky. other weird things. Peter like don't what talk about. she like do hard way throws at car on road. does flip over car saves life. she like spider sense powers there just memories turned off. I know what like. goes big fight. then spider man remember dr. strange. they go snap him out of it. mean while Kree on way 60 earth not ready for that kinda alien invasion.
James M. Leggat, Jr.
James M. Leggat, Jr. - 28 天 前
Loved Captain Marvel and of course Holland's Spidey, but how about Thor? While he's doing Love and Thunder (Thor 4) and a spin with the Guardians, why wouldn't we see him back in Avengers 5?
Admin Melusine
Admin Melusine - 28 天 前
Really enjoyed the first - can’t wait to see the sequel! Favorite hero - Silver Surfer - MCU male- Iron Man - female -Black Widow - Villain - Magneto - MCU - Thanos!
Amad Khalid
Amad Khalid - 28 天 前
Captain marvel 1 was dead
Dharamn HaworthDharamnL
I hope she gets the longer hair back. That short doo, tho' keeping in with her appearance in the comics, did nothing for her.
(Probably missing the point but I am a middleaged white dude).
Chris Pap
Chris Pap - 28 天 前
I am very ecited to see that movie, but what happened about RDJ returning to the MCU, all want we want to returning back on Avengers 5, on secret wars, or whatever movie MCU want to return him back
Glenford Green
Glenford Green - 28 天 前
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't spiderman have a brief fling with captain marvel in the comics. Not sure if MCU would go that route because of the age gap in the film.
Frank Galante
Frank Galante - 28 天 前
Maybe the real flaws of Captain Marvel is that she is deemed "too perfect, " there can be more to her back story I suppose.
Racheal Mustchin
Racheal Mustchin - 25 天 前
@Frank Galante Yeah, that would make some cool character development.
Frank Galante
Frank Galante - 26 天 前
@Racheal Mustchin I think the cockiness will be a flaw against a certain enemy and Spider Man will be the one to lower that overconfidence possibly.
Racheal Mustchin
Racheal Mustchin - 26 天 前
She was quite self-confident - perhaps too overly self-confident - in Endgame, I did notice.
Barnali Sarkar Nandi
Barnali Sarkar Nandi - 28 天 前
Favourite superhero spiderman
Joshua Rawiri Turi
Joshua Rawiri Turi - 28 天 前
Ro Wells
Ro Wells - 28 天 前
I'm just ready to see something from mavel
Michael - 29 天 前
Awesome information!
Matthew Longstaff
Matthew Longstaff - 29 天 前
Seriously who cares. Im so done with bree and her activism. Im not a hater i just get tired of hearing about unfairness and inequality, i just want a comic movie. Although I'd sandwich this movie between two very anticipated mcu films again, that helped the 1st make some money.