Beauty Vlogger NikkieTutorials Comes Out As Transgender In Candid Video: 'I Am Free'

Popular beauty CNmind vlogger Nikkie de Jager has come out as transgender. The 25-year-old, who is better known as NikkieTutorials, opened up to her 12 million CNmind subscribers to reveal a side of her she'd long kept secret. "When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body which means that I am transgender. Now, so surreal saying this. Filming this video is scary but it feels so liberating and freeing," she shared.
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Mr Jones and me
Mr Jones and me - 天 前
I was watching one of her tutorials a few months ago and my husband looked over and said "who's that man". I was like noooo.... it's a woman!
Nostradumbass 8
Nostradumbass 8 - 天 前
What an ugly person.
Nostradumbass 8
Nostradumbass 8 - 天 前
Das a HUUUGE bitch.
The Slap
The Slap - 2 天 前
Good for him!!
AliceTheWolf 321
AliceTheWolf 321 - 2 天 前
Nikkie i already knew u were transgender because on news begrip but i know u really are dutch and actually its ok if ur a boy :)
MR. 9
MR. 9 - 5 天 前
Guess you can’t trust anything you see.....🤢🤮
Whispering Acts
Whispering Acts - 6 天 前
You lied but want trust 🤔
Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy - 6 天 前
She lied to her boyfriend. That's deceptive, duplicitous if she can't be honest with the man she purports to love there's something wrong.
Pastel Pistol
Pastel Pistol - 6 天 前
Nothing but a liar. Oh gee, I've been lying to all my subscribers but so happy you support me?!!!! Screw you. No one cares what's between you legs. It's what's between your ears that really says who you are. Liar.
Samantha Ann
Samantha Ann - 7 天 前
every one has a choice of their own sexuality! you an dress and be who you want to be and be respected! but you can't go with another man that's straight and lie. They are not gay or didn't give them a choice to date a trans person! don't want to be rude just don't understand. I wouldnt like to find out my boyfriend was a girl and was sleeping with me, is that even legal?
Shuvai M.
Shuvai M. - 7 天 前
I feel like real women are slowly becoming extinct, that poor fiance now has to deal with the fact that he proposed to a dude. All these men impersonating women its sad because women keep being disenfranchised. All these men are profiting from looking like women ..... but dont actually carry the burden of being a woman.
unknown - 21 小时 前
Shuvai M. u sound real dumb... “real women” “becoming extinct” smh
ginger suicide
ginger suicide - 8 天 前
So she was never comfortable with labels so why is she labeling herself a transgender? Let me get this straight they only came out because somebody was going to Blackmail them, to be honest I don't think they should have come out until they were ready to!
gerundet - 8 天 前
that guy still has a dick
ojoslindos1001 - 8 天 前
To much ....AVATARS....💩💩💩😧😧😧
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay - 8 天 前
So she I mean he has a penis
Slow. Down
Slow. Down - 8 天 前
This bitch is a fraud, a lair with no cares how or if it victimizes other people. No respect
Alëx Israel
Alëx Israel - 8 天 前
You were born a man, you will die a man and you will go to hell a man. Sorry no sorry
Alëx Israel
Alëx Israel - 天 前
@Into The Everflow If you repent YES. And follow God, meaning follow the commandments, statue and law. But, if you don't, no.
Into The Everflow
Into The Everflow - 7 天 前
Transgendering is not an unforgivable sin
Dylan Chua
Dylan Chua - 8 天 前
i came here just to say y’all chose a TERRIBLE thumbnail ok bye
Jessica Ramos
Jessica Ramos - 8 天 前
I don’t care go ahead be rude to me all you want
Lavender Violet
Lavender Violet - 8 天 前
Totally looks like a drag queen.
stephanie wright
stephanie wright - 8 天 前
Planets earth is full of label yes boy, because God created Adam and Eve. You can think in your mind that you’re a girl, but the truth is you are a boy DNA. Anyways who I’m to judge.
Becca Black
Becca Black - 8 天 前
Why does it matter.leave this lady alone.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith - 9 天 前
Ok next bombshell: Nikki and Jeffrey Star are a couple 😂
Luna - 9 天 前
Girl that thumbnail is transphobic
Jacquelyn Rose
Jacquelyn Rose - 9 天 前
I’m going to have to block this🤢Sick of hearing about this fake human being 🤦‍♀️
Kiera lxoxox
Kiera lxoxox - 17 小时 前
@Ravioli Ravioli Whats in the pocketholy get better grammar
Ravioli Ravioli Whats in the pocketholy
@Kiera lxoxox did her fiance Fucked her lol
Kiera lxoxox
Kiera lxoxox - 8 天 前
What's wrong with being transgender. Its 2020 and there are still people like you who still have a problem with the LGBTQ community ACCEPT others
Aquaof Eden
Aquaof Eden - 9 天 前
No one blacked mailed her, shes just being used as a part of this new agenda. And she isnt the only one, you’d be surprised how many celebrities and make guru are actually transgender for the most part.
Clone Lab‣
Clone Lab‣ - 9 天 前
Aquaof Eden actually celebrities meet up in the pandora box what’s that? Men fuck men and girls fuck girls with fucked up acts all these trans are pulled by strings like all celebrities some get out of line and are cloned or killed and say they overdosed and there’s much more like the casting couch where they do very disgusting act to kids. It’s all Hollywood people don’t know much about it
Shantell Ceesay
Shantell Ceesay - 9 天 前
I kinda had a feeling she was trans before so it’s not surprising 🤷🏽‍♀️
Brittani Wheatley
Brittani Wheatley - 9 天 前
It wasn't obvious to anyone else? Love her no matter what but idky it even matters???? Shes a person like everyone else.
Hola Sapphira
Hola Sapphira - 9 天 前
When I first saw coming out I thought she was a LESBIAN NOT TRANS!!! Holy shit wtf
Ubb/Kid Buu The Greatest
lmaoo this bitch said she was born in a wrong body lmao. You are the reason why the world is fucked up now. And you are not nikki, you are nicholas!!
she is not even your own person, she was born whole different person!!
Damn!! the world is defently at its end! The bible litterly says we are in the end of time once we are not able to tell men from women along side with world war 3, world wild fires, multiple earthquakes, children disrespecting/disobeying thier elders, praising of fake gods and human beings such celebrities etc.............
Ubb/Kid Buu The Greatest
you not even your own person, you are a whole different person!!
Damn!! the world is defently at its end! The bible litterly says we are in the end of time once we are not able to tell men from women along side with world war 3, world wild fires, multiple earthquakes, children disrespecting/disobeying thier elders, praising of fake gods and human beings such celebrities etc.............
Megan H
Megan H - 9 天 前
Well her fiance looks like he could be a woman that has transitioned also so... I always thought he looked like a butch.
Tha_Six7_ Aviator
Tha_Six7_ Aviator - 9 天 前
This dude is evil! He wouldn't have said anything and continued to lie to everone. Wonder why they get attacked?
gerundet - 8 天 前
Tha_Six7_ Aviator True!
Chosen Seed
Chosen Seed - 9 天 前
Doesn’t shock me at all...SICKENING
Nicknacks Nicknacks
Nicknacks Nicknacks - 9 天 前
Fans are shocked, but the thumbnail is not flattering to Nikkie. It makes you wonder.
Doot - 9 天 前
She always reminded of a drag queen, now I know why.
Edo Mixtapes
Edo Mixtapes - 9 天 前
this is sickening whats wrong with america
hello - 8 天 前
So much.
UnAvis - 9 天 前
Mentioning James Charles and Jeffree Start ruined this video.
MrJosCHEWa - 9 天 前
Listen. It sucks that people are tried to leak her story and out her. She really doesn’t have to tell her audience about her medical issues or didn’t have to acknowledge her gender confirmation surgery. She doesn’t owe people any explanations when it comes to certain areas of her life.. She is entitled to share or not share things about her life.... she most likely made the best move for her brand and it was smart. Her fans and new followers definitely will continue to support her. Now she can use her platform to help others who feel they are going through the same situation ( not being able to live their truth), she can also be a shining icon for the LGBTQIA community.
while I don’t follow lots of beauty influencers, I do stop in from time to time on her channel. I’ll be honest she’s still beautiful , she’s still poreless (which I seriously believe is witchcraft), still beat for the gods, still inspiring, still a boss.
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 9 天 前
Thumbnail is fucked up
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 9 天 前
You did her dirty
Ariana _
Ariana _ - 9 天 前
I hate the picture they chose. She looks like a fish
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah - 9 天 前
I called bullshit on this! She's gonna caught faking this shit for the views
Alethea Zarate
Alethea Zarate - 9 天 前
Rose Torn
Rose Torn - 9 天 前
MANNY MOO-AH 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Vyperion is in space
Vyperion is in space - 9 天 前
Wait shes dutch
Lexxtech18 - 9 天 前
I’m confused. Has she already gone through transition or is she FTM?
Melanin&Curves - 5 天 前
@Lexxtech18 mine either lol
Lexxtech18 - 5 天 前
Melanin&Curves Wow I never would’ve guessed! Not that it’s my business anyway.
Melanin&Curves - 5 天 前
Male to female
Panda boy
Panda boy - 9 天 前
He looks like a dude
American Ajumma
American Ajumma - 9 天 前
Bigger plot twist than Bruce Willis being dead the whole time.
Vero Rg
Vero Rg - 9 天 前
That explain why she looks huge next to other people.. Her body structure it's still male. No shade im just having an "oohhh" monent... Other than that good for her😀
A A - 9 天 前
Just imagine how many Celebrities are trans. Hailey baldwin is one of them
Flexible Dreamer
Flexible Dreamer - 9 天 前
A A I heard Charlize H is trans too.
Crazy.Journey.Again - 9 天 前
People who didn't already figure this out are morons. His gargantuan size, voice, Adams apple and the fake tits and man cut abdomen below his fat. How did u all not know he is a man????? Always will be no matter how much makeup he puts on.
She told her fiance the day she came put though. Why? You lied to that man. In real. That's what gets me is that she Lied in the first place. THAT part is unacceptable
Elita Niad
Elita Niad - 4 天 前
@Kiera lxoxox he should've had the choice to date a trans woman in the first place and not when thel deal is already sealed🤔
Kiera lxoxox
Kiera lxoxox - 8 天 前
He should accept her he doesn't to leave its his choice
Blinkie M
Blinkie M - 8 天 前
Shut up and fuck off
stephanie wright
stephanie wright - 8 天 前
¤☆🧚🏾‍♀️Sky84☆¤ yeah I hope the guy leave it’s not fear.
Lisa Marie O'Keefe
Lisa Marie O'Keefe - 10 天 前
I feel like the thumbnail choice was sabotage...just saying. She’s got so many bomb photos and y’all chose that one?! She’s fabulous from every angle, but come on man, help a sister out and pick some of that instagram fire!!! ✌🏼🖤💋
Tessa Greer
Tessa Greer - 10 天 前
Good for her coming out and telling her truth but she really should have told her fiancé early on in the relationship not saying in the very beginning but definitely down the road as they got closer. He had every right to know and make that choice on his own if he wanted to stay in the relationship or not
Tessa Greer
Tessa Greer - 8 天 前
hello - 8 天 前
Should before the first date!!
Frog Mama
Frog Mama - 10 天 前
Whoa wtf
DonKingKong - 10 天 前
those who said they "knew it all along", probably saw her more recent videos. she looked like a teenage girl 5 years ago (though she was 20 y.o at the time?). her bone structures and her voice have changed so much. if you've been following her for since that period of time, you wouldn't have guessed. she said she took a medication to stop her from growing, which I assumed she did before she turned 19 (she said she fully transitioned when she was 19). but then she's grown pretty big: 6'2 tall and her shoe size is 12. does it mean the hormonal drug didn't work? i'm actually curious about how this happened but people will probably find it offensive. idk.
Anneloes Barth
Anneloes Barth - 9 天 前
DonKingKong she started taking hormones at 14 to stop growing, and they worked just fine. Thing is, she’s also Dutch. Dutch men average at 6” and women at 5”7, but i know soooo many girls 6” and over here. In my high school class of 18, there were 4 girls 6” and over. When it comes to shoe size, size 10-12 aren’t unheard of for women either. Most of my friends have at least 9-10... It’s not about the hormones, it’s about us being giants out here. I’m a shorty at 5”6z
dome ENT. firm
dome ENT. firm - 10 天 前
Most females in Hollywood are men
dome ENT. firm
dome ENT. firm - 9 天 前
@Guoda Martinaityte all
Guoda Martinaityte
Guoda Martinaityte - 9 天 前
Like who?
Nik Pudding
Nik Pudding - 10 天 前
So does that mean she's born a man or wants to be male?
Luna - 9 天 前
No honey she was born male and transitioned as a teen to a trans woman xx
Miranda - 9 天 前
She was born a male and has "transitioned" to being a woman. Transwoman = born a male Transguy = born a female.
070719 - 10 天 前
Manny mooah ctfu