Ballerina Kicked Out of Sephora...TWICE! *10 Minute Photo Challenge*

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Last year Maddie Brown and I got busted by police at a grocery store in Miami. See what happens this time when we sneak around a mall! How many stores do we get kicked out of for the 10 Minute Photo Challenge? If you want me to keep doing fun stuff like this, give this video a THUMBS UP and comment your crazy idea for next time!
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About Jordan Matter: I'm Jordan, a professional photographer with a passion for capturing some pretty amazing dance moments. On this channel you'll find us working with dancers such as Sofie Dossi, Kaycee Rice, Anna McNulty, Rybka Twins, Nia Sioux, and more. Stick around for some awesome 10 Minute Photo Challenges!
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Jordan Matter
Jordan Matter - 年 前
Where's the next place I should shoot? If I use your idea, I'll shout you out in the video!
Erica’s Idea’s
Erica’s Idea’s - 4 个月 前
Loretta Koch
Loretta Koch - 4 个月 前
Do an water park
KidbizMaster 101
KidbizMaster 101 - 4 个月 前
A hotel
ItsMeDestinee !!
ItsMeDestinee !! - 5 个月 前
I would like you to shot in Paris with soffie dossie
Ian Hanson
Ian Hanson - 5 个月 前
In Eau Claire, WI
DKSD - 个月 前
i go to the same dance studio as maddie
Ashley Oats
Ashley Oats - 个月 前
I swear he just does not care at all lol. He went a second time. 725
Ashley Oats
Ashley Oats - 个月 前
You are so bad lamo 4:16
Siu Qian Baxter
Siu Qian Baxter - 3 个月 前
Am I the only one who hates it when they ‘jam it into their face’ instead of just eating it.
Loretta Koch
Loretta Koch - 4 个月 前
Nice Jordy
Alena Kim
Alena Kim - 4 个月 前
The exiting part didn’t even start I’m already exited to see things
Elaine Nzomo
Elaine Nzomo - 4 个月 前
I sorry for bothering u while ur kissing like lmao
Rickelsha Lindsay
Rickelsha Lindsay - 5 个月 前
Hi Jordan, I’m a big fan of you and I would really wish if I could visit you one day. My mom is a single mom and she tries hard in everything she does just to make us happy. I’m not begging but I just want you to know that I’m a big fan and hope I could see you one day even though I live in England it would be a dream. I’m a gymnast as well. I have been doing gymnastics for 6 years and I love it . I am 10 years old and like I said it would be my ultimate dream . I hope you get to see my message and god bless you .
a n n a
a n n a - 5 个月 前
when he is doing a mess.. and then like:
,,yeah my son is gonna clean that up“
melanie fan
melanie fan - 5 个月 前
Omg this is the video that were aloud to comment on Jordan your so inspirational your the best photographer on earth 😍 keep doing what your doing and the people who you photograf there amazing
Crystal 326 Carcaci
Crystal 326 Carcaci - 6 个月 前
Hi Jordan love the videos
Deanna Bren
Deanna Bren - 6 个月 前
Stop eating food from the supermarket inside you dummy
stacie Banks
stacie Banks - 6 个月 前
Is it Bc this is old that i can comment on it? I really miss commenting on ur new vids
fun time with zizi
fun time with zizi - 6 个月 前
Be with abby leae
fun time with zizi
fun time with zizi - 6 个月 前
Amean abby lee
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose - 6 个月 前
📣JORDAN📣so my school has a pretty amazing cheer team, we also have a lot of dancers on the team, like me and we do stunts,tumbling,cheers,dance,stomp routines, and more. We are in Pennsylvania unfortunately but I think it would be so amazing if you got to do photography at our school. Your the one who got me into photography I absolutely love doing dance photoshoots but please! Please! Please! See this. the football team for my districts high school is on tv because the are so good and my cheer coach said she would want someone to recognize our team. I know I sound dumb but it would mean the absolute world if you even answered back or saw this. You are absolutely talented and I would comment this on recent videos but I saw your video about what happened. Your an amazing person and please respond if you can 💕💕💕💕💕📣📣📣📣📣
Ghada Shawkat
Ghada Shawkat - 6 个月 前
OMG her legs are soooooooooo muscular
AwsomeKatelynXP O_O
AwsomeKatelynXP O_O - 7 个月 前
Can the next challenge be with Whitney bjerken
QmasterZZaGaming - 7 个月 前
Stop doing in the grocery store okay
sedanur _0705
sedanur _0705 - 7 个月 前
Can you do the dobre brothers ???
Maria Nivar B
Maria Nivar B - 7 个月 前
What camera and accesories do you use?
Sienna - 7 个月 前
Jordaaaaann. !!! I want a shoutout
Djessie - 7 个月 前
Poor Hudson left to clean the popcorns
Dariolando Meneses Sousa
Dariolando Meneses Sousa - 7 个月 前
Sou do Brasillll🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 só estendi eu amo sorvete kkkkkkk i love Ice cream
iiStxrry Nightii
iiStxrry Nightii - 8 个月 前
Poor Hudson lol he had to clean all that popcorn he looked so confused 😂😂
Luckytin 420
Luckytin 420 - 8 个月 前
Y do fake stuff
Sofia Sevilla
Sofia Sevilla - 8 个月 前
I love your video
maiya marshall
maiya marshall - 8 个月 前
I want to become a photographer when I get older
Unicorn Lovers
Unicorn Lovers - 9 个月 前
Do more with dance moms
Sofirella - 9 个月 前
Jenielle Kennedy
Jenielle Kennedy - 9 个月 前
Do a 10 minute photo challenge in Jamaica
Ava Victoria
Ava Victoria - 9 个月 前
I get tense watching them get kicked out!! Luv u!!
fairy tail lover
fairy tail lover - 9 个月 前
Toy Village
Toy Village - 9 个月 前
I met her
Ysà Aringo
Ysà Aringo - 9 个月 前
do this with maddie ziegler pleaseeeeeee
Namawejje Suzan
Namawejje Suzan - 9 个月 前
Jordan Matter I am inspired by your work I love photography and I have so many ideas for your shoot. You should make a marvel vs dc photo shoot I think Sophie Dossi would make an amazing Wonder Woman. I would be honored even just to be  your time. In short am just saying maybe you could once in a while put themes the shoots. The Rybka twins would make cute minions and you cud shoot each theme at the studio it is produced.I really wanna be in one of your challenges.
Mari Janell
Mari Janell - 9 个月 前
Hey jordan! you should do a ten minute photo challenge with the crazy 8’s from world of dance! They are amazing! and would be perfect for this challenge!
arquilla Anderson
arquilla Anderson - 9 个月 前
i no you hi im project zorgo
misha roque
misha roque - 9 个月 前
Do this with the Zieglers!
misha roque
misha roque - 9 个月 前
Do this with the Zieglers!
misha roque
misha roque - 9 个月 前
Do this with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler!
Bring it On EZ
Bring it On EZ - 9 个月 前
Manahil Hassan
Manahil Hassan - 9 个月 前
Manahil Hassan
Manahil Hassan - 9 个月 前
Your going to the same store that you always kicked out
Manahil Hassan
Manahil Hassan - 9 个月 前
Hey you got arrested
Isabella K.
Isabella K. - 9 个月 前
Do it in Paris at the Eiffel tower
Mint Marahmallows
Mint Marahmallows - 10 个月 前
Umm... did they actually go to jail???😥😣
Γιώργος Διολής
Γιώργος Διολής - 10 个月 前
I like your body..I love you
Γιώργος Διολής
Γιώργος Διολής - 10 个月 前
Fun With Avery
Fun With Avery - 10 个月 前
syalwa n
syalwa n - 10 个月 前
Hi😊im from Indonesian🇮🇩💖
Maya Helene
Maya Helene - 10 个月 前
we stan a talented photographer who doesn’t care about rules!!!
LA - 10 个月 前
Mylene Alali
Mylene Alali - 10 个月 前
Luciana Caselli
Luciana Caselli - 10 个月 前
She’s amazing!
Siella Nammour
Siella Nammour - 10 个月 前
i liked, subscribed and turned on notification i am from lebanon
guA12 04
guA12 04 - 10 个月 前
When she turned around 1 time more than necessary at 2:29 that showd her natural ballerina soul
Becca s
Becca s - 10 个月 前
Target in Kennesaw, GA
Zofia Zalewska
Zofia Zalewska - 10 个月 前
Noelle SM
Noelle SM - 10 个月 前
The ballerina is so talented!! I can’t even!!!
KCheart101 - 10 个月 前
this is just annoying and disrespectful
Freya Prest
Freya Prest - 10 个月 前
Was anyone else triggered when he ate *her* *ice*-*cream*
lucky charm
lucky charm - 10 个月 前
He ate behind her. Wow. The chemistry
Jen - 10 个月 前
Why dont I look elegant shoving ice cream in my face??
Luhanece TV
Luhanece TV - 10 个月 前
okay but my favorite one was the arcade one that was so beautiful
Peyton Rutledge
Peyton Rutledge - 10 个月 前
“I totally know that but I did it anyway” 🤣🤣daaaang
firedawn14 - 10 个月 前
I really like the the first pic and the one where she is on the table with the couple
keira. - 10 个月 前
I just love, h O w NOnE oF tHIs iS cLIckBaiT
Ava Deng
Ava Deng - 10 个月 前
no way they did all that stuff in 10 minutes.. :|
Travel with Kirivuth Hor By Kirivuth HOR
Jorden can you do photo under
Water Part 2 please
Abby Villa
Abby Villa - 10 个月 前
Such a fun videooo
Burnt - 10 个月 前
I love how he made his own son clean up somebody’s mess and also ate the ice cream that was shoved in her face 🤣👌🏼
Janine - 10 个月 前
I like the one in the arcade best, really cool pic
Amaya Fuller
Amaya Fuller - 10 个月 前
Her legs look so long in these pictures 😍
Carolin Wehner
Carolin Wehner - 10 个月 前
Will you ever come to Germany ?😍😘♥️😭😢I like mint ice cream too 😂😘
Neveah Stanley
Neveah Stanley - 10 个月 前
he is so disrespectful to the workers.
Cristina Navarro
Cristina Navarro - 10 个月 前
Those poses are insane an so beautiful
Claudia Harris
Claudia Harris - 10 个月 前
Natalie blah blah
Natalie blah blah - 10 个月 前
hudson is just like his dad it’s crazy
Claudia Province
Claudia Province - 10 个月 前
I live right near here and its weird that ive been to all these places
Adrianna Bisbee
Adrianna Bisbee - 10 个月 前
Your son tho